How politics combines with technology? Digital democracy SWOT

Until recently, digital democracy might have seemed like a scenario straight out of science fiction. Today, thanks to the innovative efforts of so-called „network” or „digital parties” (such as the International Pirate Party network, the Podemos party and the Barcelona en Comu movement) and other actors specializing in the design and implementation of online platforms for collective decision-making and other participatory digital tools, various forms of online participation are becoming an increasingly integral part of our hybrid reality. As various forecasts indicate that the civic tech market will continue to grow rapidly, we need to prepare ourselves to know how to defend ourselves against the risks that this may entail (related, for example, to digital security, the use of artificial intelligence, large-scale manipulation or the problem of the massive spread of disinformation, fake news, hate speech, conspiracy theories, etc.), as well as to realize the opportunities that may change our overall future way of thinking and acting in politics. How can the teal, horizontal management model work not only in business, but also in public institutions and together with the use of civic tech contribute to systemic transformation in politics? What software and digital tools are recommended to facilitate participatory processes, organize public deliberation and voting online? How to develop and use them in an ethical way and what to do to avoid the associated risks? We will discuss some of these big issues during our latest in a series of meetings with Dr. Katarzyna Anna Klimowicz along with the invited guests Dr. Hab. David Duenas-Cid and … (other guest to be confirmed).

How to Combine Politics with Technology? Digital Democracy: Opportunities and Risks

Digital democracy – sounds like a science fiction movie scenario?
Not necessarily!
Various technologies, advanced digital tools and systems, such as collective decision-making platforms and i-voting have been developed and used in politics since many years with a view to facilitate participatory processes and to make public decision-making more inclusive, transparent and democratic.

Does it always really work that way? And what are the challenges involved?
My name is Katarzyna Anna Klimowicz (contact via LinkedIn) and I invite you to the next meeting in the Teal Breakfast series, where my colleague David Duenas-Cid (contact via LinkedIn) and I will try to answer some of these big questions and discuss with you how technology combines with politics.

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